Easy Way To Solve Outlook 2007 Data File Not Closed Properly Error

Hey guys! Someday I got an error messages which states that data file not closed properly at the times when I Open MS Outlook 2007 data file on my desktop. After getting error message, I ignored it and assumes that everything has just fine. But these days it has become very serious problem because it constantly appear whenever I try to access my email or mail account in MS Outlook 2007 and sometimes I unable to turn on MS Outlook. I am really too much worried for my Outlook data file. If you have any solution to solve Outlook 2007 data file not closed properly error then please suggest me!.


MS Outlook has eased to the work for managing mail accounts on desktop at the absence of Internet connection. There are various version of MS outlook available with specific feature but among all versions, Outlook 2007 is mostly used by many home as well as business System users. But sometimes lots of Outlook users may encountered with unexpected situations where MS Outlook data becomes corrupted or inaccessible by displaying various irrelevant error messages. One of the most common error message which is faced by most of the user is Outlook 2007 data file not closed properly error.

This type of error is usually caused when file header is damaged in various activities. Besides this, there are various other factors which cause this error in MS Outlook 20017 which are listed as follows:-

  • Existing Outlook 2007 with shortcut command Alt+F4
  • When external application hold MS Outlook is open in the background of PC
  • When Outlook 2007 is synchronized onto hand held devices
  • Impact of MS Office add-ins
  • Interference of malware or virus etc

These all factors can cause Outlook 2007 data file not closed properly error. But you no need to be worry because you can avoid this error by using some simple method.

  • Method 1: Close Outlook 2007 data file always by going to File -> Exit option
  • Method 2: Before shutting down the System run process explorer and check whether Outlook is running or not and if it is running wait till it closes completely.
  • Method 3: Check your anti-virus programs are up-to-date or not.

After using these prevention tips, if you persist with this error message then you need to make use of a reliable third-party application. There are numerous third-party application available with excellent features but among all PST Repair Tool is a best tool that can solve Outlook 2007 data file not closed properly error. It comes with user-friendly interface and robust repair modules to easily repair corrupted, damaged errors. By using this programs, you can easily fix other Outlook related issues. It is applicable for almost all versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010 and so on. PST Repair Tool is compatible with all Windows PC without considering any specific version including Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003, so you can easily use it without any hesitation.

User Guide:-

Step 1:- Install the latest version of PST file. After installation select PST file.pst1

Step 2:- Find PST files to continue for the further processes.pst2

Step 3:- Check the preview of recoverable PST file.pst3

Step 4:- Click “OK” button to process for further step.pst4

Step 5:- At last, click on “OK” button to finish the repair processpst5


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