Effective Way To Fix 080042108 Error in Microsoft Outlook

Have you received an error message with code like “Sending error message (080042108) the operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMPT) server”? Do you want to know the reason behind this? Are you unable to access any PST file or perform any operation in MS Outlook? Do you want to fix 080042108 Error in MS Outlook? If yes, then go through with this post where an effective guide is described by an expert.

MS Outlook is the popular email client application which is used by both normal and professional users. This package of Microsoft provides various unique features but like other office packages, it is also not an error free. Lots of outlook user have reported 080042108 Error. This type of error can be arise in various situations like performing any operations, opening any MS Outlook application, saving data on Outlook PST file, human error, software conflicts etc.


Microsoft Outlook error code 0x80042108 can be occurred due to the following reasons:

  • Confliction between Microsoft Outlook and antivirus application which have an “email scanner”by default.
  • Incorrect system configurations
  • Wrong registry settings
  • Improper updation
  • Interruption while upgrading Microsoft Outlook application
  • Virus attack
  • Over-sized file etc

Resolution methods to fix the Outlook error 0x80042108:

To get rid over this error message, sometimes it is suggested to just restart the System. An inbuilt repair tool called Inbox Repair Tool is provided by Microsoft application which can resolve this error message but this tool has some limitation through which it cannot help you to overcome with this error message. But you should not to be worry because to fix this error another option is provided for you which is the use of any third-party application. There are numerous third-party software available in the market having great features but among all PST Repair Tool is considered as the best recovery utility through which you can easily fix 080042108 Error.

PST Repair Tool is really an advanced MS Outlook repair utility which provides simple instruction to easily fix 080042108 Error band other Outlook related issues. It comes with very simple interface which can be easily handled by anyone. This tool supports fixing or repairing any issue regarding PST files which belongs to various edition of MS Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. It facilitates user to repair and create a new MS Outlook PST file with disturbing it original contents. It has really great features over all recovery utility. User can easily fix 080042108 Error and other Outlook related issues with the help of PST Repair Tool.

User Guide:-

Step 1:- Install the latest version of PST file. After installation select PST file.pst1

Step 2:- Find PST files to continue for the further processes.pst2

Step 3:- Check the preview of recoverable PST file.pst3

Step 4:- Click “OK” button to process for further step.pst4

Step 5:- At last, click on “OK” button to finish the repair processpst5


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